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GM Consulting, with it’s partners, are leading the drive for entrepreneurial and economic growth in South Africa.

CapeTalk and 702 presenter Redi Tlhabi spoke with Dr Jonathan Marks, Head of faculty of Entrepreneurship at GIBS:

“Entrepreneurship is a complex phenomena. South African does not perform particularly well in relation to the rest of the globe. If one looks at the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report, it indicates that we have around 7% of the adult population involved in entrepreneurship at any one time.”

Dr Jonathan Marks, Head of faculty of Entrepreneurship at GIBS

According to Marks, entrepreneurship is not yet recognised for the impact, growth, and possibilities it can offer the South African economy, or for the impact it can have on unemployment and other social issues in the country. Source

GM Consulting² believes South Africa is ready to challenge this notion, by inspiring, developing, and promoting local entrepreneurs and facilitating foreign investment into this sector. We believe entrepreneurs have resilience, they keep on keeping on despite hurdles and earthquakes. An entrepreneur never gives up, always receptive to new learning experiences, adjusting their understanding of the world around them accordingly, and where necessary, with the goal of progress always in view.

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