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Below you will find links and attachments for businesses and entrepreneurs tools:

  1. Get a valuation for your business here – Business Valuation Tool
  2. Personal budget & finance software for individuals, couples & small businessesScheduleOnce
  3. Build an online store with Shopify – Shopify
  4. LinkedIn sales navigator for Gmail – Navigator
  5. Local events matching your interests – MeetUp
  6. Asana is a web-based project management systemAsana
  7. For all your travel booking needs – Travesphere
  8. Your daily dose of Entrepreneurial inspiration – EOFire
  9. A very simplistic project management online platform – Trello
  10. A cloud-based team collaboration tool, it allows you to share messages, files and images with your team via any device – Slack
  11. Zapier is great for getting automated tasks into Trello – Zapier
  12. Drip is an email management tool that lets you send out marketing emails to targeted groups automatically on a schedule – Drip

Business tools are regularly updated and new tools are regular.

Should you be looking for a custom tool, send us an email and we will see what we can do!