Managing business and strategy requires a continuous analysis, monitoring, researching and development of bodies of knowledge and business models. This continuous drive for improvement fertilizes growth and inspires creativity, leading to success, where applied.

Where these abilities fall short in your business, GM Consulting provide services to plug in and fill the gaps.

Management Consultants, Business Consultants, Strategy Consultants and Incubation Specialists make up the meat of the firm, focusing on Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs and SMME’s as a differentiation strategy.

We believe through supporting this niche sector, we could provoke the greatest impact to the economy, unemployment and standard of living. Entrepreneurs create jobs where there were none before, and always strive for growth, requiring more labour, and sparking economic activity.

Investopedia has this video that best explains why entrepreneurs are important for any economy.

The Importance of Entrepreneurship as an Economic Driver and Innovation Engine